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    These photographs are part of the here is new york exhibit online, and now at the Corcoran in Washington, D.C.

<  This was taken at 6 a.m.
on September 12, 2001



< These pictures were taken a few months apart.

          The first, Firefighter Vincent Princiotta with Henry during the summer of 2001; The next, in October 2001. [Note the first picture nestled in among the flowers and candles on the second].

          Firefighter Vincent Princiotta was one of eight men from Ladder 7 who died on September 11.  He had worked on East 29th Street for fifteen years and had a 14-month-old daughter named Christina.

          To see more pictures of Firefighter Princiotta playing with Henry at the firehouse, click here.  One of them was used at his memorial service and in the New York Times Profiles in Grief.  

A note of thanks.

1962 - 2001
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