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   Scroll from A to Z >>>>>>>     ©2007 Jane Hanstein Cunniffe  •    Visit and make your kid or school or town an alphabet book. Alliterative luminaries welcome, including: Bob Balaban, Hugh Hefner, Jim Jarmush, Kris Kristofferson, Lindsay Lohan, and Vince Vaughn. Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg, Zine Zidane, Maybe even Donny Deutsch, Marilyn Manson or Mandy Moore.  If you know any of these people or others, please pass along the request.  Each portrait will link to their charity or microsite of choice.   Special thanks to Anthony Alvarez, Brian Bellanca, Chris Cunniffe, Fred Faustini, Greg Gattuso, Hugh Houllier, John Jones, Joan Johnson, Karen Koved, Leslie Lambert, Mark Mazut, Matthew McDermott, Nancy Nathan, Patricia Paris, Qian QIan, Ryan Riccitelli, Sandy Sabean, William "Bill" Westcott. and Zack Zook.